400’s at 7,000ft

An update from up high!

Every March and April there is a great migration of some of theΒ world’s best athletes to Flagstaff, Arizona. Known for it’s dry, warm condition, great trails, and access to tracks at lower altitude in Sedona and Cottonwood – Flagstaff it is about ideal as an athlete could ask for.

I’ve been in Flagstaff for over a week now with the Speed River Crew as well as many other Canadian Athletes. The first week was spent getting acclimatized with shorter runs and easier workouts. But now its game on. With a little over 2 1/2 weeks until my season opener at Payton Jordan, now is the time to take some risks, explore my limits in training and hopefully come out of the camp fitter and faster than ever before.

Yesterday was one of those sessions. While it looked simple on paper – 2*200m, 5*400m – the X Factor is the 7000ft of altitude Flagstaff is sitting at. At 7,000 ft just climbing a flight of stairs will leave you breathless. 400 meters at sub 60 secs pace will leave you bent over on the side of the track for 2 minutes while you gasp for air and struggle for life. It’s exactly what we traveled up here for.

The Details:

2*200 = 28.9, 28.5 (with 75 secs recovery)

4′ rest5*400 = 60.1, 59.2, 59.2, 57.7, 57.6 with 3 mins rest

5*400 = 60.1, 59.2, 59.2, 57.7, 57.6 (with 3 mins recovery)

Alex Genest, Jeremy Rae & I rolling through 5*400m at 7,000ft