Planes, Trains & Ridiculously Expensive Coffee!

After a 10 hour flight from Vancouver to Paris aboard the luxury airliner Air Transat, a 4 hour layover in Charles De Gaulle airport (I’ve seen better airports) and a 50 min flight to Zurich, I was pretty much wrecked. I managed to find a shuttle to my hotel for the night and even mustered up enough motivation to get in a 30 min shakeout. After being cramped up for 10+ hours on a plane with only a couple hours sleep this was one of those runs that you absolutely dread. I so desperately just wanted to remove all the compression gear I had been wearing for 16 hours and crawl into my bed and sleep. However, every now and then you surprise yourself. Once out for my run my legs didn’t feel that bad and the route through the rolling farmlands near the Zurich airport was stunning with the sun just setting and a thunder and lightning storm in view but not posing any immediate danger. I finished the 30 mins refreshed and smiling. It was great to be back in Europe.

It was not so great being wide awake at 3am but that’s what a 9 hour time change will do to you. I managed to keep myself in bed until 6:01 am when I finally decided it was a reasonable time for me to crawl out of bed and grab my first real meal in the past 24 hours.

I hung out at my hotel for a couple of hours before hopping a ride over to Luzern, Switzerland where my first race is tomorrow night. I had been looking forward to the drive through Switzerland’s famous mountains and valleys but it turns out that Switzerland isn’t up for all that and instead they just bore holes through the side of these mountains. So most of the ride was spent in tunnels. Very long tunnels!

Arriving in Leuven was a great feeling. Not only was the first major leg of travel completed, but I also have great memories from Leuven. It was one of my first European races back in the summer of 2012 and it’s where my current Steeplechase PB was set. I’ve come back again this year to hopefully conjure up some of that same magic.

Luzern is also a beautiful place set low down in a valley alongside a lake surrounded by the Swiss Alps. Towering over the city is Mount Pilatus which according to people, in the Middle Ages, a dragon with healing powers and spirits used to inhabit. It was also believed that the ghost of a Roman governor once found solace in Lake Pilatus and because of that for long time climbing the mountain was forbidden, as it was believed that woe betide anyone who disturbed him. Now it’s a major tourist destination.

The only knock I have against Switzerland is how expensive everything is! The cost of things is outrageous! A simple lunch of a Sandwich and a small bottle of water cost me $15 and a small coffee (No milk foam, or syrup or anything fancy!) from Starbucks was $7! This is madness. Otherwise Switzerland is top notch in my books.

Tomorrow’s race looks to be a good one. There are a couple of Kenyans up front then some familiar faces including my teammate Taylor Milne. The goal for the race is pretty simple, get out fast, stay out of trouble and run hard. I’ve ran a lot of races in the 8:28-8:32 range in the past 2 years and I’d love to take a shot at something faster. Tomorrow should be a good opportunity then it’s aboard a long train ride north to Leuven, Belgium to reunite with the Speed River crew and prepare for the next race!

Start List

3000m Steeple, Mens

StNr. Name Jg. Nat. Verein SB PB
283 Kemboi Clement Kimutai 1992 KEN Kenia 8:16.96 8:16.96
390 Nganga Bernard 1985 KEN Kenia 8:17.29 8:05.88
284 Kipsang Lawrence Kemboi 1993 KEN Kenia 8:19.90 8:19.90
389 Koech John 1985 BRN Bahrain 8:19.99 8:16.96
365 Forys Craig 1989 USA USA 8:26.30 8:26.30
343 Milne Taylor 1981 CAN Canada 8:27.81 8:27.81
378 Uliczka Steffen 1984 GER GER 8:28.86 8:22.93
344 Winter Chris 1986 CAN Canada 8:31.25 8:28.46
271 Bayer Andrew 1990 USA USA 8:37.21 8:37.21
368 Neeman Noam 1987 ISR Israel 8:38.15 8:38.15
407 Steinhammer Christian 1988 AUT Austria 8:43.67 8:43.67
369 Cotter Tomas 1990 IRL Ireland 8:44.15 8:41.02
130 Kern Marco 1987 SUI LC Schaffhausen 8:46.92
346 Hentschel Felix 1988 GER GER 8:51.63 8:40.87
129 Engelhardt Adriano 1992 SUI US Ascona 8:56.54



Luzern Selfie

Luzern Track


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