Update from Moscow

Just a short update here from Moscow!

We arrived here in Moscow a couple of days ago after a short flight from Dusseldorf, Germany. The arrival was smooth for about half the team, as the other half lost their luggage and had to deal with the joy that is Russian Bureaucracy and “Red-Tape”. What’s a few hours lost of your life anyways?!

The Hotel is great and sits right along side the main river in the city. We share the hotel with The US, Australia and a few other smaller teams. Alex Genest and I are roommates (as expected) and I have been fortunate to score the cot for the first few nights! Yup, you heard me right, at the World Champs and we share a room that has only one bed and a cot! Made it to the BIG time! ha!

Yesterday we all had to go through drug testing. Every athlete competing at this year’s world championships has to get bloog testing done prior to competing, which means it took forever, (2 hours of waiting) and then some Russian doctor in a small room jagged me with a needle and stole some of the blood I have trained so hard to make all awesome and full of red blood cells :(. It’s in actual fact not all that much blood and Trent Stellingwerk assures me that it will not have any impact on my performance. So it’s not a big deal and I’m just happy to see the testing take place; it is about time we cleaned this sport up and I believe the biological passport is a great step forward in the fight to do so!

Last night Alex and I took off for a bit and did some exploring of Moscow. First stop on the metro, Red Square, and were absolutely blown away! It was beautiful! In my time I have seen many movies set in the world’s major cities, London, Paris, Rome, etc. But there’s not as many films set in Moscow and so I wasn’t prepared for how grand Red Square really it. It is absolutely stunning!

Today I did a light track session then went for a tour of the main stadium which is the stadium used for the 1980 Moscow Olympics. Its been redone and looks amazing! Now it’s time to get focused. The tourist stuff is over for a few days and now all I’m thinking about is my race, which goes Monday Morning around 10:10am. There are 3 heats so I may race a bit after that time, but either way it is going to be an early morning. With multiple call rooms and a bus trip from the warm-up track to the stadium my entire warm-up will take close to 2 hours! Plus I have to wake up in time to have a light breakfast, some coffee (Okay ALOT of coffee) and grab a bus to the stadium.

Until next time!

Red Square
Alex Genest in Red Square
Alex Genest in Red Square
St Basil's Cathederal
St Basil’s Cathedral
Visiting the Stadium
Visiting the Stadium

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