Putting on The Finishing Touches

This week Alex and I travelled from Leuven (Belgium) to Kamen, Germany where we will be stationed for a week or so prior to heading to Moscow. Kamen has been Team Canada’s staging camp for the past few years and I can see why. It is perfect. It has everything we need and nothing we don’t need. The rooms are spacious and comfortable (they are actually quite amazing) and the track is right out the door. There is also nothing to do which is great when you are trying to get focused and rested for the big effort to come.

Things have been going really well. It’s been great getting to know the rest of team Canada and we are spending most of our days training and taking advantage of the great physios and massage therapists we have here. I’m also starting to get very excited to finally head to Moscow next week. Alex and I had a great workout this morning and I know I’m ready for a good one. In looking at years past I know that it will likely take a PB run of 8:24 or so to make the finals but I believe I have the conditioning to do so. The goal now is just to be smart, and control the controllables.

Today was a pretty special day as I received my Canadian singlet (picture attached). While it’s not the first Canadian uniform I have recieved in my lifetime, it is by far the most special. This is a moment I have dreamed of since I was 9 years old. Pretty awesome living out a dream!

Thank you all for your love and support! I wouldn’t be here without it!


Room in Kamen
My Room in Kamen, Germany
The New Digs
The New Digs

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