Originally Published on the Powered By Chocolate Milk Blog The Rio Olympics are less than a year away. Like a black hole, the Olympic Games seem to have a gravitational force that sucks everything towards it and the closer you get to it the quicker time seems to move. As the Games draw closer, expectations … Continue reading MY ROAD TO RIO

Achieving Your Goals

8:26.55…. only a mere 1.6 seconds faster than I had run previously but unquestionably the biggest 1.6 seconds of my life, taking me under the Olympic Standard of 8:28.0. This “breakthrough” happened this past weekend in London’s Olympic Stadium – and what a venue she was! A sold out stadium (2 days in a row), … Continue reading Achieving Your Goals

400’s at 7,000ft

An update from up high! Every March and April there is a great migration of some of the world’s best athletes to Flagstaff, Arizona. Known for it’s dry, warm condition, great trails, and access to tracks at lower altitude in Sedona and Cottonwood – Flagstaff it is about ideal as an athlete could ask for. I’ve … Continue reading 400’s at 7,000ft

Austin Top 8!

After a great holiday season with a little too much good food & drink I was really looking forward to heading down to Austin, Texas for a week and a half to hook up with my teammates and coach and get the ball rolling for the 2015 season. While Vancouver is about as good as it … Continue reading Austin Top 8!